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When Does It Make Sense to Rent a Bed 

Looking for the perfect place to live could be a daunting task if you are on a small budget. And you might be wondering should you settle for an apartment in a shitty area, or should you get all your savings and get an apartment in you preferred community even though you know you can’t afford it. But who says you can’t have both? You can live in you dream area and not get broke while at it. I will highlight some of the scenarios that could make you consider renting a bed space or sharing an apartment instead of getting a whole apartment. 

There are some fundamental things that are necessary in a place you live, amenities like a kitchen, toilet and a living space. But all these amenities could be gotten if its a shared apartment or a whole apartment. A shared apartment is an apartment with a minimum of two bedrooms that has more than one person living in it and with each person having full access to his/her bedroom and shared access to every other areas of the apartment. If you are on a small budget, a budget that can’t get you a whole apartment in your preferred neighbourhood, you can consider looking for a shared apartment on Zimpool. So one of the scenarios when apartment sharing could be considered the best possible option is if you are on a tight budget but still want the perks of living in your dream neighbourhood.

Other possible scenarios are, you moving to the city for the first time from the suburbs and trying out life in the city ? You used to live with your parents and want to see how living alone feels like ? You live far away from your workplace and the cost of transportation outweighs the cost of sharing a place? You are a student that wants to live within a walkable distance from college/university ? The above scenarios depicts situations that would make you really consider sharing an apartment than getting a whole apartment for yourself.

If you will be staying short term in a location maybe because you get moved around frequently with the kind of work you do, this is a surefire reason to want to share an apartment till when you pretty sure you will be staying for a longer period.

If you are a minimalist and love things to be at the minimal, as long as you have the basic things you need to get going in life or you basically have a frugal lifestyle as long as you can get along with life depriving yourself the luxury of having a whole apartment. The frugal and minimalist lifestyle’s approach will choose renting a room or sharing an apartment anytime they are in situations of getting a place to stay.

Even if you live in a studio apartment, where you have the whole one room apartment to yourself, you will still have to bear some costs that you can share and save money if you were to live in a shared apartment. Cost of living in a shared apartment are slightly higher but would be shared amongst the housemates. This is a another good reason to share an apartment either as a renter or getting an apartment and renting the spare room. 


Gilda Varriale

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