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Co-habitation 101: Setting the Ground rules

We live in an age where we should be able to get along right? Wrong totally wrong there are still nuances that cause the common man to have disagreements, even on the smallest things. It’s human nature. Although we cannot do without each other. Especially when we are living in the same apartments. Here are 3 Ground rules to set when cohabiting. This is personal don’t take it to heart.


Rule 1- Set A Timer For The Toilets.

People may have more than one bathroom but for the more unfortunate this will apply to you. Don’t worry it is not all gloomy, lets brighten your thoughts with this rule. Keep a timer on how long one should stay in the bath, precisely in the morning. Why the morning? This is the most important time as everything moves fast and you don’t want to miss that early train into work, because of you unbothered roommate spent an extra hour in the bathroom. So to recap set a timer and annoy your roommate.


Rule 2 – Clean Up After Yourself

Have you had an awfully unkempt roommate. Please don’t remain in silent if you’re a victim of this tragedy. They don’t wash the dishes, leave the toilet in a state, and leave the shower with skid marks for you to trip on…..ok…ok. Alright I admit I overdone it, but you get the point. These people need to be put in front of the court of law and testify to their nonsense. This applies to you if you’re guilty. So on that note – clean up after your damn self. I mean do us all a favour and what is right.


Rule 3 – Caring is sharing. —Just Don’t Touch My Last Milk In The Fridge

Yes, caring is sharing, and I know that favourite song of mine…we are the world we are the children. Something along those lines I digress.  Yes share, but that grocery I spent with my last sweat, and its on its last product before I need to repurchase another grocery. You must not touch it! At least without permission. We all dread that from a long day at work to find out that are tomato sauce has been seduced and thrown at the edge of bin after consumption waiting for Christ to return. Sacrilege.


Now if you agree with me. These rules you will follow like gospel. Now if you don’t agree with me… then go to hell.



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