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When Does It Make Sense to Rent a Bed 

Looking for the perfect place to live could be a daunting task if you are on a small budget. And you might be wondering should you settle for an apartment in a shitty area, or should you get all your savings and get an apartment in you preferred community even though you know you can’t […]

How To Find Cheap Apartments In a Hurry

You don’t want to find yourself in wrong situation, when you are looking for an apartment in a hurry. It takes wrong decision to find yourself in a scam. Here are 5 tips on how to avoid getting scammed.   Make secure payments – At least make your payments through PayPal or at the least […]

10 Misconceptions About Cheap Rooms for Rent

We all have or had that desire to be in a place to live when we started university. Why? Because staying at home with the parents was so boringgggg. Although, renting rooms outside of home was not always cheap. So we would source out the cheap places to cover our expenditure, on the many many […]

Where to look for rooms to let in London

Looking for rooms to let in London can be a tough encounter, knowing that there is over 8 million people living in the area. The city offers over 620 square miles of unique and varied places to live, so the good news is that the rooms to let choices are endless. Now there are many […]

Have a Spare Room to Rent? Here’s What You Should Charge

Do you have the other room and you are not sure what you charge or the value of the room for someone interested in renting it ? You are not alone. There are so many factors that goes into determining the value of a property, there is this frustration you get when you seem to […]