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10 Misconceptions About Cheap Rooms for Rent

We all have or had that desire to be in a place to live when we started university. Why? Because staying at home with the parents was so boringgggg. Although, renting rooms outside of home was not always cheap. So we would source out the cheap places to cover our expenditure, on the many many nights out a normal student will do, because you are obviously not a normal student when you don’t party. It’s not only students that get cheap rooms for rent. Here are 10 misconceptions about cheap rooms for rent:


  1. They’re only for college students

College students is the epitome of what cheap rooms are used for. I mean in this day age we see a lot of young people racing after the cheapest rooms so that they can survive the little amount they have been able cluster during their studies. Although this is not always the case. Cheap rooms can also be for anyone, any size, any weight, any gender, and any colour…you get the drift. Don’t feel shy if you are earning a suitable amount of income, but you want to sort out your finances the best way you know how…renting a cheap room. Then so be it.


  1. It’s not cosy

It’s not cosy to be in a cheap room. How absurd. You don’t leave the room the way you found it. Customize it. With Ikea and these home sense shops around you can make a room a happy one. And believe me or not, your room will definitely be more of a cosy one.


  1. It is certainly going to be cramped

Having a cheap room, equates to a cramped placed. Incorrect. There are many apartment that have big rooms for cheap rent. It solely depends on where you are looking to rent the room. For example if you are looking for a room outside of London. You will be surprised, surprised how many sq. ft. your cheap room can take you. Maybe Narnia.


  1. Only one bathroom

Only one bathroom. What? Ok this may not be so much of a misconception in certain instances. You don’t need two bathrooms in you room do you? No? Ok go to the 5th misconception. Let’s forget that we even brought this up.


  1. Designed to not give you the best for your money

Let us just say that not giving you the best for your money depends on the person and what they are content with. There are countless of cheap rooms that offer the best room experience solely because it brings a sense of responsibility to maintain on the cheap rent you are dishing for it.


  1. No parties

There are absolutely no parties allowed. Ok, for this one you will have find out from your local neighbours, cheap room or not. I guess if you have an expensive room then you may be able slip money into your neighbour’s post box as a bribe for his or her cooperation. Although this does not only apply to cheap rooms it extensive and can reach expensive room, halls, you name it.


  1. Be sure to find moulds on your ceiling

Moulds everywhere you go, have you seen moulds in a room before. What make you think you won’t see it again. Now to really be certain to find moulds in a cheap room will just come down to a poor choice of selection when hunting for your rooms. Not every cheap room will have moulds on the ceiling in fact there will be less depending on the occupant of the room. Trust your fine, just make the right choice for your cheap room.


  1. Embarrassing to invite people over

Embarrassing to invite people over, I’m sorry, is that your insecurities speaking. Get out your phonebook (do they still have those?) and call you friends. The amount that can fit in your room for a room warming. How delightful. It really is just how you present your rooms to your visitors. And plus they’ve come to see you, I’m sure if they really loved you, they’ll come see you outside a trashcan. So a cheap room is heaven.


  1. Law breaking to rent it out for a clothing business

Law breaking to be in a room. What? This might just be like the 4th. The only law you’re breaking is your fashion sense. Go to the 10th misconception.


  1. Expensive rooms beats a cheap room any day

Well if the room is in Michael Jacksons Neverland then that beats any room any day. However there still people who do not like Michael Jackson or what he owns. It is down to you on how you make you room suit your style. As they say turn a house into a happy home. The same rule applies to rooms.


Kev Femi

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